• 2014-12-24
  • Javier Alvarez

Riegos de Levante as a leader in irrigation facilities, actively works to develop through its I + D + i technologies that allow us to get on the ground in customer holdings data on crop performance, the use of water, nutritional intake and power consumption among others.

The farmers market  subjected to pressure for quality products at very competitive prices. The profitability of production is the sum of the variables of cost and water quality, nutritional intake, weather conditions and soil type. A basic technical and quantities and qualities of visual tracking contributions were sufficient until recent times.

Now in order to optimize resources and produce more with less, we must submit to farms to fertigation precision, drip irrigation, changes in electricity tariffs, night watering, and finally, a compendium of measures to streamline even if it is the past for better results and lower production costs.

In RLM we applied collection techniques probes by M2M and Big Data to be able to process thousands of data collected on the holdings of our customers and to help be effective in decision-making. To improve water quality prior to treatment, optimize the amount of nutrients, avoid mixing contributions subtract its effectiveness, changes in habits irrigation, automation control event and continuous recording of data on farms today are a present for ensure market presence. The competitive presence of local producers is directly related to technology.

There are non-EU countries that they are able to produce cheaper for the costs of raw materials, water and land. RLM helps customers to remain competitive.

Our analysis systems are used as a support tool and verify that treatments and technical decisions that apply producers are successful in turn help to correct certain practices in the negative. We try to provide agricultural education by making available our tools that provide value ti the customer.